Kitchen Renovation Costs You May Not Have Considered

Kitchen Renovation Costs?

Some kitchen companies will charge for designing your kitchen. This could run or hours for even days so getting this right is very important. It’s important to recognise that by committing to a company’s design costs, you’re being encouraged to proceed with them, especially if the money you’re spending is redeemable against a confirmed order.

What happens if you’re not happy with the designs you are being shown? Its better to have the freedom to shop around and not be stuck paying for something you don’t like.

Prep Works

Will you need channels dug for pipes or electrical cables? Will plasterboard have to be damaged to run cables? Depending on the age of your house these will be more expensive with age. Allowing 10-15% to the total budget is always a good idea for these type of works.

Your Own Time

Never underestimate the cost of your own time! In the initial stages, this might be hours spent visiting showrooms, talking to designers and obtaining quotes from different suppliers and contractors.

Once the work begins, are you going to be there every day to let people into your home and oversee what’s going on, or do you plan to give keys to your works team, allowing you to keep to your usual daily pattern? The latter is obviously less disruptive for you, but, to feel comfortable with this, you’ll need to discuss the idea at the initial stages of your project, so you know what and who to expect at your home.

Living without a kitchen
Don’t forget that during the course of your project, there will be a period of time during which you’ll have to live without a working kitchen. How long for depends on the size of the project and personal circumstances, but typically this means having to make other arrangements for meals. This often results in eating out, going to friends’ houses or buying food on a day-to-day basis (rather than putting food in the fridge) and living on more expensive microwave ready-meals.

Unexpected holes
A lot of homeowners opt for new flooring along with their new kitchen, but if you’re planning to keep your existing floor, do you know what condition it’s in underneath your appliances and units? You could be in for a surprise.

One client discovered a large cutout in her wood flooring, made to accommodate a wine fridge she wasn’t keeping. This was only discovered upon removal of the old appliances. The newly planned kitchen layout would leave the cutout exposed, yet she had none of the original flooring spare with which to fill the hole. Fortunately, the fitters were able to reposition the cabinetry to cover the hole, but if it wasn’t for this, she would have had to replace the entire kitchen floor.


Is there free parking available for the vehicles to park or will they have to pay to park. I was working in Temple Bar Vape Rooms recently and parking is 8.50 for 3 hours so to factor that for 1 days work its a extra 20 for parking as well as the time lost to put the ticket on the van. Is this included in the price you will need to know.

The last cost on this list might surprise you, but one of the biggest hidden costs can actually be you. While it’s your prerogative to change your mind during your project, you need to bear in mind that if you do this at a later stage, it may cost you.

If you decide on a different worktop, for example, after the original choice has already been cut to size, you’ll have to pay for both. Other items may be returnable, but it’s worth finding out which aren’t in advance.

Alternatively, you might decide on different appliances after yours have already been ordered and delivered, in which case a restocking fee may apply.

I hope this helps you understanding your kitchen renovations costs.